Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 92 -- Damsel In Distress

Once upon a time, there was a lovely young queen who ruled over all Benniondom. We'll call her Jennyvieve. One evening, Jennyvieve decided to climb to the top of her castle and look upon her kingdom from the highest balcony. As she stepped onto the balcony, some evil force in the land -- obviously jealous of Jennyvieve's beauty and charm -- sent a gust of wind and blew the balcony door shut...SLAM!!! The castle was going through major repairs and, lo, the balcony door had no handle from the outside. No one was inside apart from the little princess happily watching Dragon Tales way down in the dungeon. Jennyvieve was her dressing gown. She thought about climbing down the wall, but alas, there was no trellis. If only her hair was long enough to tie off and climb down. Suddenly, some unknown duke and duchess appeared galloping up the road on their trusty steed named "BMW". They stopped in front of the castle to take in the view of the kingdom...."Excuse me!!! Could you help me?!?!" cried Jennyvieve. Jennyvieve then explained her dilemma and the duke and duchess were most gracious in their willingness to help. Jennyvieve then explained their first test: how to get past the ferocious beast guarding the castle. "Just say 'Hi, Bea!' and the beast will let you past." She then described the second test they would have to face: "Find the silver treasure which will gain you access to the back door. You will then be free to come to the tallest tower and rescue me." After a long and nervous wait, the duke and duchess were able to defeat both tests and strode up to the balcony to rescue the most grateful queen.

The picture above was so incredibly accurate and complete, that I had to include it. LOL.
And that is the circus that is my life.

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Scullerina said...

I love this post. So grateful someone came to your rescue.
I had a similar disaster a few years ago, got locked out of my bedroom, without a shirt or shoes on, and ended up breaking the window in the shower and contorting myself thru the teeny tiney window.....I'm still not sure how I did it.
Good times.