Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 93 -- Prepping For Paint

The main floor is definitely getting there. Two days ago, they put in the base boards and crown molding. The base boards looked awesome, but unfortunately, they put in the wrong sized corner blocks for the size of the molding. They were really great about taking it down and doing it again, even though it put us back a day or two. Here's a before and after of the molding. I was tempted to just let it go in the interest of moving forward, but Brian talked me into having them change it. Now I'm really glad he did.

They also put crown molding in the office and the front entryway which was an nice bonus we weren't expecting. Today they started prepping for paint. They masked off the windows and floor and started to prime everything that needed it. I have to say, it feels sooo much better already. I can't wait until the color goes back on the walls.

Here are a few more views of the office, dining room and hallway.

Finally, something we're not quite sure how to feel about yet: the fireplace. When we moved in, it was white. We spent hours and hours sanding and stripping it so we could refinish it. It looked nice with the oak floors, but with the new walnut and with our dark furniture, it was just going to look out of place, so.....back to white it is. It is official, everything we did ourselves to the main floor has now been totally undone. I think I'm gonna cry...don't know if it's for joy or sadness.

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