Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dining In

Can I just say that my husband is awesome?  I cannot believe how hard he worked this weekend to get as much done as humanly possible.  Also, our contractor, James, worked both Saturday and Sunday to try to get us closer to the finish line.  Between the two of them, they got a lot accomplished.  The major victory, though, was the dining room.  As a reminder, here is a photo taken from Day 98 of the first phase of our renovation. Our tiny, tiny dining room looked great, but I cannot express how much better it is now.  I know it looks similar, but the three extra feet we have changes this room completely.   We were able to change the direction of the table and we still have plenty of room to walk around it when people are seated..

James finished the baseboards and crown molding and Brian, prepped and painted all the walls and trim, including the new medallion above the chandelier.  We used our old drapes, chandelier and table.  I purchased a new rug from Pottery Barn.

I absolutely love that we can now see this view from the kitchen.  Thank you so much, Brian, for making this happen this week.  I literally almost cried when I saw how beautiful it looked.  Love you.

In other news, the garbage disposal was installed.  Fancy that, Badger installed a Badger disposal :).  Check out the little brushed nickel button just next to the sink.  That is how you turn the disposal on.  I have never seen one.  So much cooler than a switch on the wall!  (The faucet is not finished being installed...I am not gypping you...more on that later.)

James also is working on the trim around the window and the rest of the baseboards and trim in the kitchen.  He also started on the shelves in the pantry.  I am sooo excited to see this complete and stocked full of food!

The last item to report on is our daily system from Pottery Barn.  The original plan was to do white, but the white was too yellow.  I really like the black though.  It will be nice to have a decent looking calendar and a place to chuck the mail. 

Tomorrow will hopefully be filled with lots of little things that need to be done: faucet, water line for the fridge, gas line for the stove, more trim, more pantry shelving, backsplash anyone? 

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Didn't look like that when we left for the movie. What a great husband you have, Jenny! is are the best!