Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 236 -- A Post About Posts

The newel post upstairs was installed today along with the half newel on the wall. Also, the kids closets were fixed today. When they were installed, they didn't extend the one side of the shelves down far enough to accommodate two separate hanging rods. We wanted to be able to remove the one later to allow for longer hanging.

One comedic moment of the day: A little bit after Badger left Joel (his right hand man) here today, Joel called him in a panic. "We have a BIG problem....I can't find Beatrice. I have looked all around the neighborhood and I can't find her." James' response: "Oh yeah, she was jumping all over me so I put her in the master closet. Check there." Sure enough, Bea was waiting patiently, not making a peep, to be let out to play again. She was probably thinking "Hey, this isn't bad...maybe I'll make this my room."

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