Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 208 -- Beadboard, Benches and Beams, Oh My!

Brian and I decided that the bench alone in the entryway was just a little bit plain. So we had them throw up some beadboard and trim. We'll put some coat hooks and a floating shelf up above it. They also put trim around the window above the bench.

Another bit of good news: they delivered the flooring for upstairs today. They will start installing it on Thursday Dec 10 after it acclimates. Could it be that we are getting that close to having the bedrooms finished up here?

The benches upstairs got their hinges today. I can just see Lizzy getting inside one of these things to hide and not being able to lift the lid back up...I'll have to watch out for that.

They also finished facing the beam today. It looks so much better already. I am almost glad it is there....almost. I might just be happy with it when it is stained.


Missletoe said...

Wow! So much has changed since we were there Friday! I am in love with your mud room. How come every house (especially mine!) doen't have one?

Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

Now that the beam is there, you can tongue-and-groove (or whatever it's called) the ceiling. That would be bodacious.