Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 225 -- Finish Carpentry Day 1

5 of 8 doors are in: the three bedroom doors (the wierd master bedroom door that looks totally different and has two doorknob holes will be replaced with the actual door when it comes in), the closet doors in Izzypop's room and the pocket door for the master closet. The baby's room closet doors, the bathroom door and the master bath pocket door still need to be installed.

Baseboards were also started today. The kids' rooms are half way done and the master closet is totally done.

Look! Another orb! Call TAPS!

Door casings were also started and finished on the master closet pocket door. I love finish carpentry. I especially love the "finish" part. "Finish" is a beautiful word don't you think?

This is an all-weekend project. Hopefully by Monday we'll be ready for the first coat on the floors and the final paint.

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