Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 226 -- Finish Carpentry Day 2

We decided to do something different with the bathroom door. This door, some of you will remember, was originally in the middle of our hallway on the main floor. My mom suggested that we use it for the bathroom and sandblast the window so it's frosted. I think it will be pretty cool and different. The square window will be in keeping with the square motif of the molding on the wall too. The door's kind of beat up, so it might need some sanding and TLC, but I'm hoping the final result will be worth it.

The remaining doors were installed today too (baby's closet and the bathroom pocket door). Almost all of the door casing has been put on. Only the closet in Izzypop's room and the inside of the kids bathroom is left. Tomorrow will be baseboards.

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