Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 222 -- A Light At The End Of The Stairway?

If all goes according to plan, tomorrow will be the end of the stair saga. It has been 7 weeks since the day they were supposed to start on the stairs. We have had supply delays, lots of mistakes and a lot of rework. But tomorrow, should be the final sanding of the filler and the stairs will be ready to paint/finish. We will probably finish them later since we've got Christmas coming up and I can't really afford not to be in my house for 3 days right now. But the end is in sight and I am relieved. I have to also give DAYT kudos today. They know we have been discouraged and frustrated and the amount of issues we have had with these things. Today they called and said they would like to make it up to us by offering to paint the stairs, stairskirts and railing for free. When I asked if they could get me an estimate as to how much it would be to paint the "wow" wall in addition, they said that they would just take care of that too. Impressive customer service, guys. Way to restore my faith in you. The cashew brittle you left on my counter for Christmas didn't hurt either. Thank you.

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