Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 276 -- Getting Crafty

To spice up Liz's room a little bit, my mom and I have been working on some projects. We finished a couple of them and I put them up today. We bought these wooden letters, spray painted them (thanks Dad) and painted a bunch of wooden flowers in some fun colors to go with her bedspread.

We also took the "Live Laugh Love" sign that was in her old bedroom and re-purposed it to go with her new room. All we did was add the flowers and dots between the words. This is hanging up on the boxed out part of her ceiling. We're also working on some picture frames and a chandelier to finish it off.

Over the past few weeks we have been doing a few things here and there, but not a whole lot that's worth blogging about. My mom and I finished painting all the trim and baseboards in the master bedroom and closet as well as the hall (with the exception of the furnace doorway). They put the furnace door in last week as well as the bathroom door with the newly sandblasted window. We're thinking about painting the phrase "Water Closet" on the window to give it some interest.

There is still a lot of work to do. Lots of painting and finishing touches, but each week, we get a little bit closer. It's actually not so bad to have projects here and there to work on -- except for the fact that I'm so pregnant that I can't do a whole lot myself. I think we have finalized the vision for the baby's room. We'll have to be getting to work on that soon since we only have at the most 7 weeks left before little "What's-His-Name" will be here.

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