Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 256 -- HEY! Let's Talk About MY Room!

A couple weeks ago, my mom and I were in the master closet talking about how to arrange the closet system. We suddenly heard a little voice from Izzypop's room: "Hey! Let's talk about MY room!" I walked in and Izz was standing in the middle of her room looking around. "Hey Grandma! Come in here! We need to talk about MY room!" It was pretty cute. Today, we were able to set up her bed and bring up the rug and chair from her current room. It looks really cute. Especially in the daytime (this pano doesn't do it justice). We will be decorating the walls in the next few weeks. Hopefully, I'll get some better pictures at that time. Eventually, we'll also get her a few pieces of new furniture since the baby will be inheriting her old bedroom set.

When she saw her new bed today she loved it. She jumped on it for about a solid hour. After which, she went downstairs, put on her best Snow White Princess dress, and told me she wanted to take some pictures in her room. Then at about 6, she said "Mom! You need to go to bed! I want to go to bed in my new room!" We're about off to bed now. She has been waiting all day for this.

Update: Shortly after this post, we went up to Izz's new room. She cuddled up in her new bright pink sheets and flower bedspread (plus the favorite fuzzy princess blanket) and I went into my room to let her go to sleep. She started singing to herself in a high, sweet little voice: "I love my new is yellow....I love my is pink with flowers on it.....My dad will be home five minutes...My mom is in her new room...I have a dog...her name is Beatrice...I am going to school tomorrow....I'm going to tell Miss Loni about my new room..." and so it went. It made Brian and I thankful to know that we have such a happy and sweet little one. She really does make life worth while...even when she is so excited that she doesn't go to bed until 10:45! She slept like a rock and didn't make a peep for the rest of the night and was still excited when I woke her up the next morning.

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Missletoe said...

"Looks like she is ready for a sleepover!" ...that was Abz. She will bring her best Snow White gown.