Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 239 -- Happy New Year

It is a brand new year and we have pretty close to a brand new house. We are so close to moving upstairs, we can taste it. I'll be so happy if I can be sleeping in an actual bed by next weekend.

Yesterday, the handrails going downstairs and down to the landing were put in as well as the newel caps upstairs. The newel post and railing going upstairs was supposed to be put in, but since these stairs are cursed, we had another snag. The newel that was ordered was too short. We'll have to wait until Monday to get it done. Also on Monday, they should be starting to paint the railing, "wow" wall, and hall going down to the basement.

Today my amazing parents came and worked their butts off again to help get Lizzy's and our bedrooms painted. My mom wrestled with this shelving for the majority of the day. She had so much paint in her hair she looked like Cruella DeVille. My dad and I focused on baseboards and window casing, and my dad put up the lights in both small bedrooms and got the lighting working again in our master. It was a long day, but we got a lot done. Thanks as always, mom and dad.

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