Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 288 -- Is That *My* Tub???

Izzypop and I walked into the backyard and I noticed that the tub was no longer on the back porch.
"That's a good sign." I said aloud to myself.
"What mommy?" Iz asked.
"They put the tub in today." I replied.
"Let's go see!!!" We ran upstairs and into the kid's bathroom. "Is that my tub?!"
"Yep, that's your tub."
"Yea!!!" She has a right to be so excited. She loves baths...especially ones with bubbles. But since the only current bathtub in the house is ginormous, she doesn't take them very often. We have forced her to be a shower girl. This new tub is a nice size. Small, but a little deeper than a standard 60 X 30 tub at 20 inches. Sometime in the hopefully not-too-distant future we'll surround the tub with white subway tiles and put 1" white hex tiles on the floor.

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The House that James Built said...

wow, everything is looking fabulous!! think i'm going to have james make me your same wow wall! LOVE it and everything about your old-new home.

thanks for all the love and support for us...we feel it. prayers for you guys and your hubby!