Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 204 -- Storage And A *Wow* Wall

I came home this afternoon and they had completely finished the molding on the wall going upstairs. I love it!!! Once this wall is painted white, it is going to look amazing. I was on the phone leaving a voicemail for my contractor when I turned the corner and saw it. I was so excited, I totally lost my train of thought and left him a completely discombobulated message! For lack of a better description, I'm going to call it our Wow Wall. Here is the picture that I used as inspiration and here is what it looks like today:

Here's a look from the top of the stairs:

They also started on closet built-ins. Here is the beginning of the new shoe shelving as well as the bench under the window. There will be three lids that open along this bench to allow us to gain access to all that space under the eaves.

The bench in the dormer in the bedroom will be a little deeper than the one in the closet to give us even more storage space. I also came home to a nice surprise in that they were trimming the tree out back that was literally holding up the power lines coming into our house. With winter approaching that is a load off my mind. Now about that tilting power pole....

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