Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 205 -- A Home For My Boots

We have shoe shelving! We even have a bench to sit on while we put on our shoes! We left the bottom shelf large enough to allow for those knee-high boots that I adore. The rest of the shelves are spaced 1 foot apart to allow for ankle boots, combat boots and easy access to pairs that may be toward the back since they're kind of deep for shoe shelving. I think one more shelf will be put on the other side to allow for larger storage like blankets, comforters, sleeping bags (for when Brian has to sleep on the floor ;) ) etc. I like how the shelves match up with the benches to make one big surface (of course, I'm OCD like that...thanks Mom. Did you notice that I had them build the shelves on the left only out to the same distance that they are on the right?)

The bench in the bedroom got a new top today too. They just need to cut them, put the hinges on and attach the lids to the boxes and they'll be done with those. They also did some work on the bench on the landing. Not too bad so far. Maybe I'll put some beadboard or something behind it to make it look more substantial -- more like a booth instead of a bench. Not sure.

Also, in all my excitement about the Wow Wall yesterday, I totally forgot to mention that they started to build out the beam so they can cover it with alder and stain it the same color as the flooring.

P.S. They put in a 12 hour day yesterday and are pushing a 12 hour day today...They're animals!

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Brian Bennion said...

Why would i need to sleep on the floor?