Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 187 -- Stairskirts

Well, this weekend was way more productive that I thought it would be. I was hoping we'd get the three bedrooms primed and the hall upstairs and closet would be our stretch goals. Not only did we accomplish all of that, we also painted the ceilings, painted the risers and skirtboards for the stairs, primed the hallway going downstairs and part of the downstairs ceiling, and, to my amazement, we were able to paint the entire master bedroom and closet! We chose a nice tan color. It's kind of hard to see in the low light, but hopefully against the white of the door, you get the picture. [Editor's note: When I say 'we' I really mean my mom and dad. They were amazing! I cannot believe how much they were able to accomplish this weekend. Thanks so much, Mom for your awesome painting skills :) and Dad for your incredible way with a spraygun! Don't know what I would do without you. -- Probably sleep on the floor forever.]

The reason we wanted to paint the risers and skirtboards this weekend was because I had someone coming to start on the stairs this morning. We figured it would be much easier to paint the risers and skirtboards while they were not part of a finished staircase. We'll have to touch them up, of course, but all in all, we're hoping it will save us some time and headache. Here you can see the skirtboards up on the staircase going downstairs as well as the staircase going upstairs. Tomorrow they should finish with the skirtboard going down to the landing and they'll start installing treads and risers. I am so excited for the steps to go in. I think now that the wall is primed, it will make the main floor look almost finished! The stairs should be done by Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. More to come...

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