Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 356 -- *Still* Not Enough Closet Space

We've been trying to decide what to do with the space in our closet just to the right of where you enter. We had considered getting a gun safe and putting it there. We did get the gun safe, but after realizing exactly how heavy it was, we decided it best to put it downstairs instead of trying to haul it upstairs. We also had noticed that we didn't quite have enough long hanging space with the current IKEA setup. So we bought some L brackets and a shelf from Lowes and built another hanging section. Now Brian's sport coats and slacks have ample room.

And here is a picture to address Uncle Brad and Aunt Missy's complaint about the blog :) Love and miss you guys!

Also, in the spirit of making sure no unused wall space goes without a "George", Brian purchased a new print and had it framed. This one is of Washington's inauguration and is now hanging at the top of the stairs in the hall.

And finally, another picture to satisfy the Massachusetts Bennions.


Sean said...

Love the home d├ęcor, but now you need a smaller safe for the hand guns. Can’t have a lonely night stand (or burglar), everyone needs toys!

Missletoe said...

Ahhhh! Nate is such a cutie, and has a bright future as Vanna White's replacement on "Wheel of Fortune". You just need to teach him how to put his hands up to showcase your home improvements.

We REALLY want to play with our Cuzzez!

Patrick said...

Wait a second, that inauguration is in NYC. I ate a hot dog at those steps, kinda felt sacrilegious.