Sunday, June 19, 2016

Patio + Pergola

Last fall we got this hairbrained idea to turn our sideyard into a patio.  This really is Brian's vision because after the long haul inside, my creative juices are entirely exhausted and completely unusable on an outdoor space.  But let us all press on anyway!

We started by ripping up the lawn which required a bit of sprinkler reconfiguration.

Next came a whole lot of sand and pavers.

Then up went this beautiful pergola stained to match the fence.

Next came some outdoor lighting and of course, a hammock.  We immediately started eating outside any chance we got.

 Then came some outdoor furniture (an upgrade from the folding table).

And what good is an outdoor patio without a Father's Day BBQ to top it all off?

The final touch was some friends to help us enjoy it.

I really am surprised at how much time we're spending out here now.  Lunch, dinner, homework, you name it, is spent out in this little outdoor space.  Can't wait ton enjoy it for many many lovely summer nights!

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