Wednesday, November 2, 2011

When God Bricks Up A Window...

In order to build our nice big pantry -- well, big by Avenues standards -- we had planned on bricking up one of our old bedroom windows sometime in the next 4-6 weeks. The masonry company we hired was fully booked for at least a month so we gave them the go ahead and figured we'd do this sometime late November, early December. Yesterday they called and said they'd be out today after lunch. :)

They showed up early this morning to get a sample of the mortar that they will have to match as well as the brick that we have left over from the demolition of the upper part of our house. So far, so good. They seem thorough. while I was at work, Brian started by pulling off the window trim.

After that, he pulled the window and window frame out. Luckily, today's weather was quite pleasant and nobody froze to death.

After this, Brian went and picked up Izzypop just before the masons arrived.

This photo is only significant because if you look closely, you will see not only the apprentice to the head mason, but the much shorter, and younger apprentice to the apprentice. :) Cutie.

The first thing they did was put a layer of cinder block in. This will be the base for the outer brick that matches the house.

Then they put a thin layer of mortar on the inside portion of the cinder block. We will come back later and plaster over this to make the wall smooth again.

Tomorrow they will come back to put the exterior brick up. This will be the moment of truth. Can they make it look right?

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