Thursday, November 3, 2011

Better Than TV

Today Skeeto spent half an hour standing at the window watching the workers outside. It must have been pretty interesting.

First they took out the bricks that make up the windowsill. Then they took out all the half bricks on the sides. They had to mix the mortar with a special blend of colors to make sure it matched. They used measuring cups and everything.

Then they started using the old bricks we had from the demo on the renovation to brick up the window.

We don't have any pics of the window totally bricked up since they put this tarp with heated coils up to make sure the mortar would cure correctly. We'll be able to take the tarp down Saturday. On Monday, they'll come back to clean it up and make sure the patina and mortar look right.

1 comment:

Missletoe said...

Next time the mason's come by, I am parking Skeeter's counterpart at the window. We could all use a little rest.