Monday, May 10, 2010

Elephant Bank?

One of our favorite pieces of decor in Izzypop's room is the piggy bank her Great Aunt Fig gave her right after she was born. She loves putting any spare change she finds in it and let's face it, her college fund needs all the help it can get.

Note: No, that is not cousin Abizella holding Izzypop's piggy bank :)

We loved the piggy bank so much that we decided to find one for Skeeter's room. [Incidentally, Great Uncle Jay came up with the alias.] I searched the internet for a new piggy bank to suit this little boy's room for hours and after wading through a ton of "Little Prince Pigs" (just a little too precious) and some wierd folkart ones, I finally found this one:

Technically, it's not a piggy bank and Izzypop reminds me every time I call it that -- "It's not a piggy bank Mom! It's an elephant bank!" Regardless, I love it! I also had to put up one of my favorite pictures of Skeeter's just ties all the colors in his room together so perfectly. There will come a day when he won't let me proudly display pictures of his toosh, but today is not that day!


Missletoe said...

I was about to ask Abz how she absconded to Utah without us knowing, thanks for clearing that up.

I think we need a side-by-side of the new boy cuzs too. Although I don't think JPs rump is as squishy *yet* as Skeeter's.

Andie said...

Do twins respectively spawn twins?

Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

So - do you KNOW which team has an elephant for its mascot?

And the background is crimson, so you're close already : )