Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 137 -- Little Things

For the past week DAYT has been wrapping up some of the little projects they've had to do like fixing the siding around the outlet, putting trim here, patching concrete there, weatherproofing doors, touching up paint, etc.

My family came over today and helped do some of the little stuff as well. They helped get the lamps back in the front room and I hung the painting back up. There are still a lot of books that need to be placed and the drapes need to be hung, but we're getting there. We also put all the switchplates back up.

They also helped get the drapery rods hung in the dining room. The drapes are at the cleaners so they'll go up as soon as I get them back. My mom decided to put the tall cabinet back together. That will be nice to have a little more storage space. We also started to hang light fixtures back up. I need to go pick a new one out for the office way that ugly gold thing is going back in there.

Even though these are all "little things", it feels great to be getting things put back together on the main floor. Thanks everyone.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brian will be delighted to see George back in his place again.
(However, we won't ask about the whereabouts of the infamous bust)
Your living room looks great!