Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Better Bathroom

We are well on our way toward a new bathroom. Most of the tile has been completed and grouted. (We're just waiting on a few peices of bullnose.). The fan has been moved and some of the plumbing has been done. The wainscotting will hopefully go in tomorrow.  
Brian saw this grey ceramic tile that looks like weathered wood and had to have it. It was his one insistence. No argument from me, though.
I chose a light grey linen tile for the walls.
The shower floor is a ceramic brick mosaic. 
It is already so much brighter than what was here when we moved in. The light that is let in by removing the wall of the shower does wonders. Not to mention, no more blue wallpaper with tropical fish accents. No more blue and pink tile combinations. No more standing in the shower trying to figure out where they started tiling and where it all went wrong. No more inch gaps between tile filled with caulk. Even if it weren't actually would still feel brighter. 

More bright days ahead. 

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