Monday, May 26, 2014

Taking The Back Porch Back

We have been cleaning and touching up most of this week so there's not a whole lot to show inside.  I did manage to finish the toy room wall project I have been scheming about. I got this idea from a blog post from My Sister's Suitcase and luckily, they sell the hexagons on Etsy so all I had to do was paint and stick. That's my kind of wall art. 

Since the fence went in (and since the weather has warmed up) we have been spending a lot more time outside trying to get the yard in shape. Brian was at Lowes at 6 AM this morning getting sprinkler supplies (the fence really jacked up the existing sprinkler plan. By 10 he had mowed the lawn, fixed up the sprinklers in the front yard and installed these nifty new handles on the gates. I do not understand how he does it all. 

So since everything was done so early, we thought, "What the heck, let's tackle the back porch."  We cleared it off and put together our new patio furniture.

We had it done in time for a mid-afternoon Memorial Day dinner outside.

Complete with entertainment from Izzypop. 

Now this may not seem like anything to brag about, but you have to understand that half of what you see here was on that back porch. Soooo glad the neighborhood cleanup starts this week!

I realized I didn't post a picture of how the backyard looks now that the side fence is gone. We still have some work to do moving the flowers and planting some sod, but the space really has opened up. Now that the porch has been reclaimed, and we finally have some privacy, it's like we've added a whole new room to the house. It's going to be a great summer. 


Missletoe said...

What a complete waste of summer. We should be sitting on your back porch watching the girls perform. What a wonderful space!

Anonymous said...

What size hexagons did you purchase? 12x10.5 or 8.5x7.5?

Jenny said...

I used the 12x10.5. I bought 5 the 5 solid package and a 12 pack package with 5 solid and 7 cut-outs.

Nat and Holly said...

I just found this link from our shop and I LOVE how your wall turned out! It looks amazing. I would love to use this picture in an upcoming post I'm doing on our blog about the hexagons, would you mind if I used the image and linked to your blog? Let me know! Thanks!

Nat and Holly said...

Oh can you email me your response at Thanks!