Monday, June 10, 2013

Catching Up

I've been in Florida for a week so I'm a little behind.  While I was gone I got a few pictures from Brian via email.  The first was the pic to the left.  They created the forms for the window wells.  The next was of a cement truck parked outside.  I even got a phone call from a neighbor wondering what we were doing.

 They poured the pad on the north side and the window wells on the south.
Today I came home to our bathroom wall completely demoed.  They had to tear it down because it wasn't built right in the first place.  They also took out the walls on either side of what will be the fireplace to get ready for the windows and took a big chunk out of the cement wall to make room for a fireplace insert.  From what I understand, they are hoping to hit this basement hard for the next couple weeks.  I hope we can knock it out fast.  We are itching to have a proper family room and reclaim our bedroom as our own!

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