Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fire Good!

Our house has definitely evolved over the years.  Our fireplace is one feature that has had many incarnations.  We started off with horrific blue bathroom tiles as a hearth.

We replaced the blue tile with a nice natural stone.  Next, we got a wild hair to strip the fireplace and stain it......a few years later it would go back to white.

It's latest facelift is the most exciting.  Brian got a gas insert installed!  It is wonderful.  We should have done it years ago.  I sat in front of it last night just staring at the flame and feeling the warmth.  I could have slept right there on the hearth.

The kids love it too.  While I was at work, anxious to come home and see the new flames, Brian sent me a pic of the kids cozied up already enjoying it.  Another job well done, Brian.  Thank you.  I love it!

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