Thursday, July 21, 2011

The End Of An Era

Our sconces finally arrived yesterday. I ordered them about 3 months ago. They were on back order from Pottery Barn, but I had some PB Cash to redeem and I had been planning on these sconces for over a year, so I was willing to wait. It was well worth it. But things didn't go as smoothly as we had hoped -- as always. When Brian put the sconces up, he found that the electrical boxes that our contractor put in were too wide.

So, my wonderful husband spent the last two afternoons modifying the boxes, reinstalling them, spackling, sanding, painting and wiring these new beauties.

Yea!!! My vision is finally complete! I have been waiting for this moment for quite a while and couldn't be happier. The bathroom is just how I pictured it.

This also marks the end of the construction of the new second story. Every room is finished. We now have a beautiful upstairs where we spend almost all of our time.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible: DAYT and Badger Construction for obvious reasons; our wonderful family for helping a pregnant and desperate woman get off a mattress on the floor in the basement, watching kids while we work, helping decorate, sewing endlessly, keeping me sane, etc. etc. etc; our neighbors for putting up with it all; and most of all my amazing husband for going to Iraq and earning all that cash to pay for it -- not to mention all the work in making it come together. I love you all. You have helped us make wonderful memories already and I can't wait to make more in my beautiful new/old home.