Thursday, July 4, 2013

We Have Windows

The other day our windows were delivered.
So they cut the holes.  Check out that saw blade.
Then today they installed them.  Yes, James worked on the 4th.  Dedicated.  We love them so far.  The two windows in the TV room have blackout shades so we can watch movies in the middle of the day if we so please.  But more importantly, we can get the heck out in case of a fire.
The one in the bedroom has a softer shade that still lets the light in when they're down.  It is going to be great to have some more natural light in that little bedroom.
In other news, the bedroom closet door was framed in, quite a bit of plumbing has been done, and our cool new laundry basin arrived.
We are desperately hoping we can get going on this project.  I would love to get Skeeto playing MarioKart WII!!! downstairs in a new entertainment room!